Top 5 Ways to Handle an Unhappy Marketing List Client

As a list provider or list reseller, you deal with customers all day long who are in the midst of conducting marketing campaigns. There are so many aspects to a marketing campaign and often times when one goes wrong, the client blames the marketing list. Here are the most effective ways to handle an unhappy customer:

1. Listen up!
2. Return Calls
3. Keep Promises
4. Take the Lead
5. Follow Up

Allow your client/customer time to express their concerns, listen with an open mind, and then once you have all the information, you can use it to put together the right response for them. NEVER leave an unhappy or concerned client/customer waiting. Answer the calls when they come in and if you cannot, make sure you are returning their calls every time. It is better to under promise and over deliver at all times. If you tell a customer/client you will call them back the same day or that their product/services will be replaced, make sure it happens.

Once you have developed a rapport with the customer/client, they trust you; take the lead at this point guiding them towards a resolution that is appropriate for the both of you and move forward with it. After whatever resolution you have agreed upon has been completed/sent/supplied, make sure to send a quick note or make a call to follow up with the client/customer. This could be to simply say “Glad we were able to work things out”, or “Looking forward to working with you again in the future”. It shows that they are a valued customer/client and they will appreciate the extra effort you’re exhibiting.

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Top 6 Ways to Identify a Quality Wholesale List Provider

As a list broker or a large quantity list buyer, you know marketing lists better than most people out there. It can be frustrating to deal with companies or list “experts” who offer less knowledge than your own and offer a lesser product than you deserve. The following are 6 ways a wholesale list company can stand out from the rest:

1. Superior Data
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Long-Term Relationships in the Data Industry
4. Superior Data Ordering Experience
5. Fast Turn-Around
6. Better Data Knowledge = Better Data Solutions

Even though you are buying bulk marketing lists, it doesn’t mean a list provider can cut corners on the quality of their data maintenance and data hygiene. Providing quality data can be costly for a data provider, but just as with any wholesale business, their pricing must be competitive to make it alluring to list brokers. A wholesale list company must have deep roots in the list industry so they know where to go for the best data, if they don’t have it in-house.

One of the most important aspects of a wholesale list provider is the ease of use of their counts/order system. When all you do all day is purchase lists, you want to get in and get out as painlessly as possible. Of course, once ordered, getting your data quickly is imperative. But in the end, if you do need the expertise of a list expert, there must be highly knowledgeable list geeks on staff who know their data inside and out who can give you effective solutions to your data needs.

Ways to Qualify as a Wholesale List Buyer

Let’s face it. Everyone wants wholesale list pricing, but not everyone qualifies for it. There are two main ways a company can qualify for wholesale list pricing:

1. You purchase lists on behalf of another end user.
2. You buy lists frequently and in large quantities.

Often times a wholesale list provider will give you special pricing if you sign a contract and promise to purchase a certain amount of data over a specific amount of time. Not all list brokers purchase large quantities of data with each order so a contract like this will help you get the same, low pricing when purchasing data in smaller quantities.

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